iCarly said iGoodbye and I cried.

Yeah, I said it.  I cried.  iCarly was the first real crossover experience of enjoying a kid’s program aimed at my kids with my kids.  I logged many hours with the preschool set (Dora, Mickey, Little Bill, Sesame Street).  Most of those were considered mom duty rather than pleasure.  iCarly was different.  I enjoyed the show.  I got the jokes and my kids and I sought out the episodes and waited to share them together.  As the show wore on, it started to become a bit to adult in tone and I knew that we’d have to part company for awhile (my kids are still under ten).  But, it was still bittersweet when we heard the show was ending.  I watched my kids grow to understand themes of family and friendship with iCarly.  Lessons that are sometimes easier to absorb when they’re not coming from Mom.  iCarly ended the way we all hoped and we agreed that worth the time we spent making it a part of our lives.  And no, my kids didn’t catch me crying (I’d have never lived that down).


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2 Responses to iCarly said iGoodbye and I cried.

  1. Kelly says:

    Ohmigosh… I thought I was the only one! I cried too, and my husband, kids, and even the dog saw me. Oh well.

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