What the DAD in My Life (and probably yours too) Really Wants for FATHER’S DAY

It’s that one special day of the year when the world revolves around Dad.  When our family’s focus turns to his favorite things – grilling, napping and large quantities of meat! Of course I’m talking about the SUPER BOWL! Just kidding! It’s FATHER’S DAY people!  As someone who makes her living assembling large amount of seemingly useless information, I think I can impart some wisdom that will make your Father’s Day enjoyable for all (*Please notice my tongue firmly planted in cheek).

First, He wants to be KING of the castle!  You cannot take this King of the Castle experience too far!  Let him be right all day.  Hand feed him elaborate meals.  Get him a crown and septor for his ultimate throne (you know he’ll wear it in the bathroom).

Second, He wants to be UNCLE DAD!  You know, all the fun with none of the responsibility.  Let him wrestle with the kids on your bed and you clean it up!  Let him sugar the kidlets all up and you wash up the sticky, hyper monsters after.  Let him blow their bedtime and you put them back to bed (over and over, since they’ll be overtired and crabby).

Third and Finally, DISREGARD the first and second pieces of advice!  It’s Father’s Day, not his last day on the planet!  Give him some extra hugs.  Make the customary little kid card.  Cook his favorite family meal (and do the dishes after).  And for heavens sake, give the man the remote and just put up with the sports that day.  No matter what you decide to do, make sure the Dad in your life knows you appreciate him.  Because if you’re lucky (like we are) he’s an awesome Dad!  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY EVERYBODY!

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